sehen, schauen oder gucken?

ansehen — to watch, to inspect

Sieh mich nicht so an
(Don’t look at me like that!)

Heute Abend sehe ich mir den neuen Film von Fatih Akün an
(I’m going to see the new film by Fatih Akün this evening.)

Markus sieht sich morgen eine Wohnung an
(Markus is going to view a new flat tomorrow.)


When ansehen is used with a reflexive (dative) you are looking at something or someone in order to become acquainted with it and know it in detail. It implies an intention in the act of seeing. Ansehen with the reflexive is often used with words like Film (der), Bild (das), and Video (das).

anschauen — to look at something, to examine

Lass dich mal anschauen
(Let me take a look at you!)

Ich werde mir am Abend den Abenteurfilm im Fernsehen anschauen
(I’m going to watch the adventure film on TV tonight.)

Ich habe mir die Stadt angeschaut
(I looked at the city. / I went sightseeing in the city.)


Anschauen is the better word to use for watching a film or movie because it implies an active and conscious act. Anschauen, like ansehen, also often occurs with the words Film (der), Fernsehen (das), Video (das), Bild (das), Spiegel (der). Don’t forget the dative reflexive element.

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